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Big Apple Templates – Your One Stop Shop for the Best PowerPoint Themes

To stay ahead of the game and make sure that your potential customers will never be won over by your competitors, Big Apple Templates is the perfect resource of the best PowerPoint templates that can give you an edge and leverage you in more ways than one!

If you own a business amidst today’s competitive and cutthroat environment, it is important that you are always in a position of advantage to attract the interest and attention of new clients, investors and partners. A business will always need multiple stakeholders for there is no way that you can do business on your own. Most of the time, you will need to come up with very detailed, comprehensive and convincing business presentations so that these interest groups will make a decision that will give the advantage to your business. And to do this, you need to make a good, no, the best PowerPoint presentation ever that will grab their attention right from the get go.

Big Apple Templates knows that to have the most successful business presentation, design has the same importance as the content itself. The design of the presentation plays a vital role in your presentation’s effectiveness. The right selection of background design for your presentation can have a significant effect on the level of impact that the content will leave among your target audience. You have to come up with a business presentation that is appealing, intriguing, and unique but still easy to read and assimilate at the same time.

Big Apple Templates – Your One Stop Shop for the Best PowerPoint Themes

Why Choose Big Apple Templates?

There are a lot of reasons why Big Apple Templates deserve to be your trusted partner when it comes to PowerPoint templates that can move boundaries, break down walls and put across the exact message that you want to convey during your business presentations.

  • Added Aesthetic Appeal

As professional and experienced designers, Big Apple Templates offers templates with aesthetic edge. The themes are created while keeping in mind readability, effective and harmonious typefaces and color schemes to fit all types of presentations in each setting. Thanks to their experience, Big Apple Templates understands all the optimal combinations which can make presentations more effective in making the imagination of the audience work.

  • Wide Selection of Themes

Trying to go for custom design for your PowerPoint presentations can be very costly. So, if you have a limited budget, the use of predesigned PowerPoint templates will be your best choice. With a large database of designs at Big Apple Templates that is at your disposal, you can be sure that you can choose from so many themes.

  • Original Work

The team behind Big Apple Templates came up with unique templates that are basically the result of the individual creativity of seasoned designers that put their heart and soul to every design they work on. This guarantees that you will have various templates available for every theme that you would like for your presentation.

If you want to make your business take the full swing of success, make sure that you choose Big Apple Templates for quality PowerPoint templates like no other!

Tips for Effective Presentations

If you need tips for an effective and hard-hitting PowerPoint presentation, you don’t have to look far from home. Home, in this case, means Microsoft Support. To be specific, the support section of MS-Office. You will find all the tips you need for creating PowerPoint slides including the design and template, and then how to put it together and deliver it as a presentation that rocks the audience.

Tips for Creating an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

The most important thing you can do is keep the number of slides down to an absolute minimum. Your audience shouldn’t forget how it started and what it was about by the time you get to the end. Stick to a single message, and hammer it home again and again through a small number of slides. Also note that the text font should be as large as possible and easy to read. Curvy edges and stylish fonts may look good to you, but they can be hard to read during the small amount of time that the slide is shown. Similarly, make sure that your PowerPoint template has a design and theme with a background image and/or colors that have a sharp contrast with the text color, so that the text is highlighted properly.

Other Things You Can Do To Get Your Message Across Clearly:

  • Use bullet points to separate short sentences.
  • Avoid long sentences and don’t string them up using conjunctions.
  • Make use of one picture per slide to get your message across.
  • Always check your slides for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Tips for Delivering an Effective PowerPoint Presentation

The most important thing you can do to deliver a solid PowerPoint Presentation is to prepare well and practice the delivery in advance. Come early, check the slides, turn on the presentation and make sure all the equipment is up and running. Save a copy on the cloud, on a CD or a removable drive, in case the computer crashes or there is some other technical snafu.

Give a practice presentation beforehand to colleagues or friends, so that you can test your delivery and the impact it has. You will also get the chance to fix any slide mistakes and delivery quirks that you may not have been aware of.

All said and done, delivering a PowerPoint presentation is pretty much like giving a speech. The only difference is that you have visual aids, and your job is to simply start off with an introduction and then explain each slide one by one.